Event Advisory

Our experienced team at Back9 can advise your management and operators on the best way to integrate our technology inline with your event activities. We collaborate with you, aiming to maximise efficiencies and always keep the attendee’s digital experience at the forefront of our mission.

Back9’s expert team can advise your event operators on how to best enter the digital space. Get in touch to work with us on enhancing your event guest experience

Event Insights

Throughout the evolution of your event, our technology tracks users, providing you with a better understanding of your event audience. Insight into the behaviour of your guests and their app interactions gives you the power to make changes and build on engagement during the event and with strategic approaches.

We provide insights on:

  • App Downloads
  • User Data Records
  • Interactions
  • App Credit
  • Notifications

Partner Management

Our Advisory Team can perform Partner workshops and consulting to improve their understanding of how they can interact with the Partner EMS. We are able to create Contract Allocation for Partners, Partner Login set up and further provide one on one training with Partners, as well as video tutorials to explain step-by-step instructions on our technology.

Ticket Scanning

Our team can collaborate with you to and plan the ticket scanning operations on-site at the event. From there we can supply a team to oversee ticket scanning and the entry of the guests to maximise efficiencies and attendee experience.

Partner & Sponsor Promotion

We can work with you to best present your partners within the Event App in order to amplify visibility of the event sponsor and partners. Via the event app guests can be exposed to sponsor and partner branding in a number of ways.

  • App Splash Screen
  • Partners Section
  • Ticket Design

DET Ticket Configuration

In conjunction with DET in Dubai, Back9 Advisory manages the setup of Events with the Government Department. This includes submitting documents and event information required to receive event approval. BACK9 Advisory or the Event themselves can setup Event details in our technology.

Featured Event

Back9 has worked with event operators to create event appliactions and ticketing platforms that enhance the attendees event experience digitally. This technology is made specific to the event and works to increase attendee engagement. Read about our successful event technology.