Event App

Guests are able to connect to your event from any device, keeping them informed and engaged pre, during and post-event. This core element of our event technology creates a digital experience for your event, equipt with a digital wallet, schedule of events and notification alerts to name a few of its functionalities.

Back9 can bring your event to the digital space with an event app. Get in touch to work with us on enhancing your event guest experience

Your Event’s Engagement Tool

Pre, During and Post Event

Our event app informs attendees via the schedule of event and news pieces central to the app home page, allowing them to plan ahead of their visit. Up to and during the event the app will be the best point of information, making the guest experience run smoothly and forging interactions across the event activities. After the event is over, the app allows you to exhibit news on the best moments of the occasion. Throughout this, event operators will be able to capture guests attention by means of digital communication while also gaining insights on engagement with attendees.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way for you to send reminders and to captivate attendees with wider event activity news.


Event operators are able to add and schedule news pieces to the app along with accompanying imagery and links.

Ticket Purchasing

After creating an account users are able to purchase the tickets they require seamlessly via the app. Their tickets are then digitally delivered and stored in their app wallet ready for the event ahead. Consumers can also view their transaction history displayed within the wallet to look back on the purchases made.

Event Schedule

The event schedule keeps guests aware of the programme of activities available at the event. Within the back office EMS, the event operator has the ability to create and modify the entertainment schedule with their preferred imagery and headlines.

Event Store

Back9 can work with your events’ chosen merchandise partner to create your merchandise offering in the app shop. Products can be categorized by gender, size and colour.
Handling stock and pricing in a configurable back end, the consumer will be able to avail Click and Collect at the event.

Digital Wallet

One of the key features of the app is the Digital Wallet. Not only the home of the event tickets, a user can store cards in their wallet for use throughout the app, meanwhile their purchases are recorded in the Wallet’s Transaction section giving the attendee an audit trail of what was spent on what and when.
App Credit, for use at F&B and merchant outlets can be purchased and functions interactively with BACK9’s softPOS system.

Sports Scoring

For sporting events we are able to enhance your guest experience by providing a Fixtures and Results area that fans can use to track the live scores. Various leagues and pools can be added to best fit your sports event.

My Teams

Further to this our ‘My Teams’ feature allows guests to select the teams they want to support which will then be highlighted on that page so they can stay up to date with their team’s performance.

Featured Event

Back9 has worked with event operators to create event appliactions and ticketing platforms that enhance the attendees event experience digitally. This technology is made specific to the event and works to increase attendee engagement. Read about our successful event technology.