Our technology can handle any manner of event ticket configurations, adaptable across stadiums, theatres and arenas. Tickets are stored in the attendee’s app wallet, prompting them to start their digital event journey within your Event App.

Back9 can bring your event to the digital space with an our ticketing technology. Get in touch to work with us on enhancing your event guest experience


Tickets types for your event can be created as you like using the EMS and from there can be sold live via the app and/or web widget or can allocated to partner, sponsors and operational staff. We mainly work with the following:

  • General Admission

We can cater for the vast majority of your guests with general admission ticketing, configured for base level attendees

  • Reserved Seating

Enhance your guest experience by giving them the choice of allocated reserved seating for the event. Back9 can handle seating charts for allocation across stadiums, theatres and movie theatres.

  • Partner / Sponsor Ticketing

Back9’s has created a EMS especially for your most important guests, the partners and sponsors. Each Partner has a Partner Ticketing Dashboard where they can track and monitor their contracted allowance allowing both the Partner and Event to perform Partner Ticket Audit and Reconciliation

  • Ticket Transfers

Event admins are able to transfer tickets to whom they wish to send it to via the EMS by entering the guest’s email. Likewise, guests can transfer tickets to friends and family in the app.



The event web widget is an online platform for ticket booking, allowing guests to select seats and pay online, all in line with branding of your event, mirroring the Event App.


Ticket purchase through the app is the best way to introduce the user to your Event App and the start of their event experience.


The Back9 event products are powered by fully featured Admin Portals which give event administrators full control over what attendees see and when they see it. The Admin Portals allow admins to configure and manage:

  • Tickets
  • Schedules
  • News
  • Push Notifications
  • softPOS products
  • Analytics and reports
  • Audit trails

Discounts / Offers

Our technology allows you to reward customers with discounts and offers on both the web widget and in the Event App through a flexible offer structure. This facilitates: 

  • Promo code redemption
  • Smart BIN number recognition

Event Entry Control

We provide entry control systems that can both scan and manual input guest check-ins.

  • Ticket Transfers

We can supply your event with ticket scanners, designed to allow check-in, pass out for exit an re-entry and a check-out solution at entry points around your event site. By scanning a QR code, the scanner will be able to identify the relevant ticket types and number of each ticket stored against the QR.

  • Ticket Entry

Scanners at specific Entry points can be configured to allow only certain ticket types to be scanned ensuring Partners, VIPs and Players have smooth ingress avoiding queues. The entry system is designed to record the entry time of each attendee giving the Event insights on busy periods, overall attendance and ticket vs entry reconciliation.

  • Personnel Onsite

We can arrange a team onsite to supervise and control ticket entry, consisting of:

  • Scanning supervisors at each entry gate
  • A Ticket Support Hub
  • App Support Hub inside the site venue
  • Player Registration for Team changes and Player injuries
  • VIP Welcome Desk Support for all
  • Partners and Hospitality Desks

DET Integration

The setup of DET is complex and does not mirror the consumer facing sales that Events desire. We can collaborate with event operators to combat this set up by implementing a system with DET understanding the requirements and intricacies of the technical and physical setups.

Featured Event

Back9 has worked with event operators to create event applications and ticketing platforms that enhance the attendees event experience digitally. This technology is made specific to the event and works to increase attendee engagement. Read about our successful event technology.